About Aldo Leopold Charter School

ALCS Mission:

Aldo Leopold Charter School provides an engaging and challenging educational program emphasizing direct experience, inquiry learning, stimulation of the creative process, and stewardship of our community and natural environment.

ALCS Vision:

Aldo Leopold Charter School graduates will use the skills, perspectives, and information they gain at school to enhance their own lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Meeting the Studentís Individual Needs Aldo Leopold Charter School provides several opportunities to meet each studentís individual educational needs. For every student, the school promotes a sense of belonging to a small group of peer learners and establishes healthy working relationships with faculty members. Each student will also have his or her own advisor. A few of the components of the ALCS program include: Advisory System, ALCS student Next Step Plans, Inclusive Classrooms, Baseline Testing and Diagnostics, Team-Building Activities, and Availability of Instructional Materials in Spanish. Aldo Leopold Charter School Culture and Norms The culture of ALCS is one of inclusion, inquiry, direct experience, and respect. Faculty, staff, and the Governing Council strive to create a culture that supports the mission and vision of the school and are guided by that goal in decision-making and actions. Students are expected to be guided by it in their behavior at school and performance in school activities, and parents are asked to accept and embrace that culture for their studentís successful experience at Aldo Leopold Charter School. School Norms The Norms for each school year are determined by the students and staff through a collaborative process. Though they are guided by the culture of the school, they vary from year to year depending on the collective personality of that yearís student body. Middle school Norms for each school year will be determined based on input of the staff and students through a collaborative process. The High School Norms for the year 2014-2015, as defined by the students and staff, were: Practice Equality Be Prepared and Proactive Be Invested; Participate! Be Sober Be Confident in Yourself Respect - Property, Environment, Yorself and OthersTake Responsibility Exercise Self Control Cultivate Maturity Motivate Be Aware Be Open Minded Be Focused Be Peaceful Celebrate Diversity Communicate Effectively Be Kind Create Mutual Support Be Mindful of Impact on Community Practice Integrity Lead by Example Learn From Experiences Speak Up Cooperate Encourage Positivity Practice Active Listening Strive for Excellence Have Fun Be Confident Pursue Knowledge Keep the Aldo Vibe!

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Aldo Leopold Charter School

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